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APAC  Webinar Recording - Introduction to Hamina Wireless Tools

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Kicking off the first Hamina Wireless APAC webinar was not without a couple of technical issues, if you want a bit of banter then the first 10 minutes is for you, but if you want to get to the “beef” of the webinar, skip to the 11 minute mark. 

After a couple of minutes of introductions from our guests, we jumped into an overview of the Hamina product suite at the 14 minute mark - and true to our promise we utilised zero slides (just a little content from our website)!

Ok, product overview time is done for the newbies - just show me the product time is at the 21 minute mark. Here we spent some time going through Hamina Network Planner (Plus) using a multi-storey hotel design as the base. 

At 22 minutes we displayed the auto-wall drawing capabilities, and later at 25 minutes we created a custom glazed glass material to reflect the layering in the PDF image file - pretty nifty, eh? 

From the 26 minute mark we highlighted manual wall drawing & the various shortcuts that can be employed in Hamina to speed up any manual work because we want to get to the fun part of any wireless design - deploying the radios. For this webinar we focused on Wi-Fi and started deploying on the map at 28 minutes (with some calls for private cellular - maybe next webinar topic?)

After some external antennas got deployed & channels re-modeled to suit the regulatory environment (30-35 minutes) we got transfixed on the 3D antenna models, but moved on to capacity planning & later orientating the maps for a proper 3D building design (40 minutes).

We then spent some time on client view (46 minutes) & the various devices available for this mode, before moving to the wired side of the design utilising switching & PoE budgets at 49 minutes.

Finally (!) at the 54 minute mark we walked through the Onsite app using Nomad, and despite some (more) technical issues managed to show some of our latest app. Skipping to the 57 minute mark shows the macOS version of Onsite - that’s right we do support iOS & macOS (those Hamina software development wizards, huh?) 

To round off the discussion we talked about licensing at the 1:02 mark, the advantages of browser-based software at 1:10 and then showed off some more advanced designs (stadium & DOOM) at the 1:14 mark.

The final minutes of the webinar were spent answering attendee questions - sorry we went way over but great to have such an engaged audience! Hope to see you on the next APAC webinar soon!


Our Host: Grant Shelley

Guest hosts: Michael Lester, Haydn Andrews



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