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APAC Webinar Recording - Onsite with Hamina

Missed our recent APAC webinar? Don't worry! You can catch the recording here:



After doing a short round of introductions, we kicked off the webinar by talking about the "Why" is doing a site survey: reasons for doing one, what value it holds to a network engineer or organisation and what the end goal is.


We next dissected the site survey genre as a whole, covering pre surveys, AP on a stick, validation, periodic, remediation and troubleshooting survey scenarios and use cases. 


To change up the slide-ware, we then featured a network project timeline with the caveat that depending on the site survey type, the timeline may look a little different. The goal here was to highlight what a typical project timeline would look like, and where the various information gathering & site survey types fit into the overall picture.


An important facet of site surveys is the equipment that an engineer takes to site, which was discussed next. All the practical components were talked about, along with some relevant but often overlooked suggestions such as comfortable foot ware, (good) coffee & of course snacks!


Next were a series of considerations one should review for each project directly related to the site survey process, such as a good floor plan, environment type & and clearance requirements one may need prior to arriving at site.


On the last slide before the product demo, we talked about tips & tricks to make your site survey a success, such as surveying the difficult areas first, communicating your attendance window, and using the photo function in the Hamina Onsite application!


Lastly we jumped into a live demonstration of the Hamina Onsite application, showcasing a recent survey at a large shopping mall. We finally discussed some new advancements such as CCI visualisations in browser and even the soon-to-be-released AP on a Stick function in the Onsite app! 

Hope to see you on the next APAC webinar soon!


Our Host: Grant Shelley

Guest host: Chris Denham



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