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Hamina's User-Friendly Wi-Fi Capacity Planning

Introducing Hamina's user-friendly Wi-Fi capacity planning feature, a powerful tool that simplifies capacity planning for both Wi-Fi and private cellular networks. Hamina is a comprehensive wireless planning tool that offers an intuitive solution for capacity planning, suitable for any environment, including planning for high-capacity venues like sports halls, gymnasiums, conference centers, and more.


Hamina's Wi-Fi capacity planning feature allows users to easily define how many clients, what types of devices, and where they will be located, ensuring accurate capacity planning that is tailored to each specific environment.

Key features of Hamina's intuitive Wi-Fi capacity planning tool include:

1. Capacity Zones and Device Configuration: Users can effortlessly define capacity zones, specifying areas with varying capacity requirements to accommodate specific environments. They can configure device types and quantities within each zone, accurately representing the network's capacity needs.


2. Automatic Capacity Analysis: Hamina's advanced algorithms automatically analyze the defined capacity zones, device types, and quantities. The tool generates accurate capacity forecasts for both Wi-Fi and private cellular networks.


3. Wi-Fi Frequency Support: Hamina supports 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies, ensuring comprehensive coverage for capacity planning across different Wi-Fi bands. Users can accurately assess capacity requirements and optimize performance based on specific frequency characteristics.


4. Clients per Radio Calculation: Hamina's capacity planning feature automatically calculates the number of clients per radio. This calculation validates that the planned capacity meets the defined requirements, ensuring that the Wi-Fi network can adequately accommodate the expected number of client devices.


5. High-Capacity Environments: Hamina's capacity planning feature is suitable for any environment, including high-capacity venues like sports halls, gymnasiums, large public venues, conference centers, arenas, and auditoriums. Users can effectively plan and optimize network capacity to provide reliable and high-performing Wi-Fi or private cellular connectivity in these challenging environments.


6. User-Friendly Interface: Hamina's capacity planning feature boasts a user-friendly interface, simplifying the capacity planning process. The tool's intuitive controls and streamlined workflows enable users of all skill levels to effectively utilize the features and achieve accurate capacity plans.


Hamina's user-friendly Wi-Fi capacity planning feature empowers users to optimize their network designs effortlessly. With support for 6 GHz, automatic clients per radio calculation, and compatibility with high-capacity environments, Hamina simplifies capacity planning for both Wi-Fi and private cellular networks. Users can confidently plan their network capacity, ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction in various environments, from office environments to sports halls. If you want to learn more, we are always happy to support.


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