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Hamina @ Cisco Live US

A couple of weeks ago the Hamina team descended on the city of Las Vegas to attend Cisco Live, an annual industry event hosted by one of our vendor ecosystem partners. 

Las Vegas Sphere or Hamina Triangle?

To make an effective splash in true Las Vegas style, the Hamina booth was equipped with two of the biggest & brightest LED walls (+ a moderately-sized TV to make us appear a little bit humble) to ensure we could effectively demonstrate Hamina tools in only the best way possible.


It was unclear whether people were blown away by: a) Hamina Planner/ Onsite demos, or b) the sheer brightness of the screens (like moths to a flame, eh?) Maybe a little bit of both? 


Some of the key talking points from many of our booth visitors:

  • The tools are so fast, no loading or waiting for anything! *chef's kiss*
  • The Nomad survey device is so compact & light!
  • 3D view will legitimately make my job so much easier!
  • Client view is amazing!
  • Vendor integration with Cisco, Meraki + others? Woah!
  • Is Jussi here?



Cisco Live Group Photo

Seeing Old Friends, Making New Ones

One of the important rights of passage at industry events such as Cisco Live is the ability to reconnect with old friends, and also make new ones. It was great to be able to catch up with industry friends, meet existing users and talk to folks who were just discovering Hamina; answering their questions and maybe even giving them a sneak peek at what's just-around-the-corner!


Catching up with friends


Multitasking  w/ Juniper

Also happening at the same time across town was the Juniper AI-Native NOW event which some of our team attended & were lucky enough to present at. What we unveiled was the (now in beta) Live view integration which allows users to view their network via Hamina at that very point in time - APs, switches, Tx powers, channels, coverage, utilisation, etc. - more here. Think being able to view the network as it currently stands after the simulation & survey work is done at the click of a button - all without having to travel to site or login to multiple controller interfaces. 




Presenting at Juniper's AI-Native NOW event

Anyway, that's enough for now. Hope to see you at an event soon!


Best regards,

The Hamina Team



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