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Webinar Recording - Wi-Fi 6E and Private 5G - so where did we land?

On June 20, 2023, Hamina's webinar series "Dwell Time" took off with a bang. If you missed the show, don't worry, we've got you covered. You can now check out the recording here!




Our hosts: Jerry Olla, Joel Crane and Jussi Kiviniemi
The expert guest: Dean Bubley, Jeremy 'JR' Rollinson and Peter MacKenzie




Key Webinar Topics & Takeaways:


8:45 Private 5G in 150 seconds


12:15 Wi-Fi 6E in 150 seconds


14:35 Wi-Fi 6E around the world: Global adoption
Widely adopted around the world. USA and some LatAm / Middle East countries adopted the full 1,200MHz, but even the lower amount of 500MHz adoped in the EU, Mexico, etc  is a great improvement. Many countries considering enabling the "full 1,200".

24:10 Apple device improvements to private 5G / 4G behavior and CBRS / other private bands support in client devices
Modern Apple devices and other business-grade phones support P5G. Lower-end ones do not. 

Coverage area & capacity: In CBRS the coverage is significantly greater than Wi-Fi.

TL;DR: JR says "rule of thumb is indoors one CBRS unit for every 5 or 10 Wi-Fi APs. Wi-Fi continues to be the technology for high capacity applications".

36:00 Private cellular - key use cases.
TL;DR: Manufacturing, transportation, education, mining. 


44:00 How is Wi-Fi 6E different to deploy from Wi-Fi 6? 
TL;DR: Clients migrating to 6 GHz is essential with 6E (use wider channels on 6). WPA3 key difference, configure correctly. Design AP placement carefully to get high data rates (QAMs). Place APs where users are. 


52:00 And how is private cellular deployment different from Wi-Fi?
TL;DR: Designing for vastly different signal strength. Wi-Fi target may be -65dBm for signal strength (may work at -80dBm), whereas private cellular can work at up to -120 dBm.  In Wi-Fi, the least capable devices may make really bad devices. Private cellular employs centralised control, meaning the network will tell the UE (client) where to connect to. But many of the same rules apply in private cellular that do with Wi-Fi.


--> More discussion on private cellular deployment


103:40: Closing thoughts. Private cellular isn't still as widely adopted as it could be - the equipment isn't still affordable enough for home lab testing. People need to talk more about the private cellular experiences. And Neutral Host needs a whole separate webinar to be discussed properly ;)


Stay tuned, the next flight is taking off soon!

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