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Hamina Onsite - All you need to know about our site survey solution

Hardly a day passes without someone inquiring about our upcoming site survey solution. When will it be available? What functionalities and features will it have? And what will it cost? We genuinely appreciate the interest so many of you have shown, and we're excited to unveil our new solution soon. While you'll still have to exercise a bit of patience, here is the information available at this moment.




What’s the idea?
What is Hamina Onsite?
Oscium Nomad
When will Hamina’s Site Survey solution be available?
What will it cost?
What’s coming next?
I’m in! How can I sign up? 



What's the idea?


Hamina already ships the industry-leading wireless (Wi-Fi, private 4G/5G, IoT) network planning tool. 


Our brand-new site survey solution enables users to perform site survey measurements on-site comprehensively and without hassle. The solution includes a software component (app) and a hardware component (RF measurement device that connects to the phone / tablet / laptop running the app).


Hamina Onsite is a separate, complementary product to Hamina Network Planner. You don’t have to purchase both; just equip the right people with the tools that they need!


What is Hamina Onsite?


Hamina Onsite is a high-performance mobile and desktop app solution designed for conducting wireless site surveys. Hamina Onsite enables you to perform precise Wi-Fi site surveys with ease. 



Key Features:

  • 3 site survey modes: point, line, and continuous
  • Live updating of heatmaps while surveying
  • No need for an internet connection while surveying
Device Compatibility:
  • Works with the latest Apple iPhone, iPad, and Apple Silicon MacBooks

Wi-Fi Network Analysis:

  • Instantly view heatmaps of the survey results. - Signal Strength, SNR, Interference, and more
  • Real-time analysis of your Wi-Fi APs and other nearby APs



Additional Features:

  • Document AP installations and other findings during the survey using pictures and text notes
  • Create projects directly in Hamina Onsite or through Hamina Network Planner in the cloud
  • Upload floor plans, including CAD, PDF, PNG and more, directly in Hamina Onsite




Oscium Nomad


For our site survey solution, Hamina Wireless has partnered with the RF test equipment experts at Oscium to build the Oscium Nomad. This premium-quality, portable, and battery-powered W-Fi measurement device, built exclusively for Hamina Wireless, is designed to enable effortless and precise site surveys with Hamina Onsite. 



  • Four (4) high-performance Wi-Fi 6E radios 
  • Powerful battery provides 4+ hours of continuous surveying and fast charging 
  • Eight (8) custom antennas provide precise Wi-Fi measurements that represent real-world Wi-Fi clients
  • Spectrum analysis with (optional) Oscium WiPry Clarity


When will Hamina's site survey solution be available?

We understand that this is the most pressing question on your minds, and we're excited to share some details. Beginning in November 2023, we will start accepting pre-orders for Hamina Onsite + Oscium Nomad site survey solution bundles. Shipping will kick off later in the same month, with larger quantities available from December onwards.

If you're eager to be amongst the first to get your hands on it, don't miss out - sign up for the pre-order waiting list now!


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What will it cost?

With the introduction of Hamina Onsite, we remain committed to delivering comprehensive wireless solutions that are budget-friendly. Our site survey solution will be available as a software and hardware bundle. The Oscium Nomad, paired with a 1-year Hamina Onsite Subscription, will be priced at 2490 USD. After the initial year, the recurring yearly Onsite subscription will be 780 USD.

Additionally, we will introduce a spectrum analysis option shortly after the launch. The Onsite + Nomad + Spectrum Analyzer bundle will be priced at 3390 USD. You can also buy the Spectrum Analyzer separately from Oscium.


What's coming next?

Just as we've done with Hamina Wireless Planner and Planner Plus, you can expect regular updates and the introduction of new features. Here's a glimpse of what's in store over the coming months:

  • We'll be introducing our spectrum analysis option shortly after the launch of Hamina Onsite.
  • More features! As you've witnessed in the past, our pace of feature additions remains rapid, and our new product will be no exception. So you can expect a continuous stream of updates and improvements.
  • Private 5G / 4G survey features are on the horizon, with a targeted release during the first half of 2024.
  • Automated surveys, including automated floor plan creation, are also in the pipeline,
    with a targeted release during the first half of 2024.


I'm in! How can I sign up? 


That’s an easy one! Hamina Onsite app + Oscium Nomad bundles now shipping! 

Get yours here




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