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Webinar Recording - Designing Modern Wi-Fi Networks: Roaming, Capacity and Redundancy (RCR)

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Here's a brief recap of the webinar on designing a modern Wi-Fi network:

The webinar highlighted the importance of designing Wi-Fi networks with a focus on Roaming, Capacity, and Redundancy.
1. **Roaming:** Ensuring seamless roaming is crucial for users who move around within the network. Properly configured roaming settings and strategically placed access points (APs) help maintain connectivity without disruptions.
2. **Capacity:** Designing for capacity involves considering the number of devices that will connect to the network and their bandwidth requirements. This includes selecting the right Wi-Fi standards, such as 802.11ac or 802.11ax, and deploying sufficient APs to handle the expected load.
3. **Redundancy:** Redundancy is essential for ensuring network reliability. This includes using multiple APs with overlapping coverage to provide backup in case of AP failure, as well as having redundant internet connections to avoid downtime.
Overall, designing a modern Wi-Fi network requires a comprehensive approach that addresses these key aspects to deliver a reliable and high-performance wireless experience for users.


Our host: Jerry Olla

Our guest: Peter Mackenzie



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