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This year the team attended the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) to assist in delivering the inaugural Hamina Wireless Certified Network Architect class, deliver a deep dive on Hamina Network Planner, Onsite & Nomad, plus a couple of talks to the audience & were also honoured with a couple of Wi-Fi Awards in the process.

Hamina certified

The Hamina Wireless Certified Network Architect is one of our newest certification courses, for those that wish to take their network design skills to the next level, while using Hamina Wireless tools. The class was delivered in person by none other than Peter Mackenzie, and judging by attendee reports was a resounding success. If you’d like to be certified with one of the longest acronyms in the industry (HWCNA), Peter is holding an upcoming virtual class in April & you can register here. 


And how’s this for nimble: 5 feature requests that came up during the class were coded & added to our production server in less than 5 seconds (maybe a little longer, but you get the point):
  1. Automatic antenna direction alignment for wall-mount APs (assuming AP is close to the wall)
  2. Alt-C hotkey to open channel settings instantly
  3. Three Meraki antennas / APs added
  4. Peter’s nitpick during class: dropdown in wall import dialog did not open by clicking tiny arrow
  5. Map now pans with arrow keys to "correct direction"




Diving deep 

Our own Jerry Olla hosted a Deep Dive on Hamina tools where attendees learned how to use Hamina Planner to design multistory buildings, warehouses, auditoriums, and arenas. Attendees also used Hamina Onsite and the Oscium Nomad to perform a site survey of the conference centre.



Jerry Olla Deep dive wlpc1

Surprise Wi-Fi Alliance Announcement

Those Hamina guys have always got an ace up their sleeve, eh? In a surprise joint talk to WLPC attendees, Hamina Wireless & Wi-Fi Alliance Services announced they have teamed up in a strategic technology partnership to deliver automatic queries to their AFC system for PSD availability in Hamina Network Planner. The plan here is for accelerated adoption of standard power across Wi-Fi 6E & Wi-Fi 7 technologies, which will be critical for outdoor Wi-Fi deployments utilising those standards. 




Award winning products 

Also at WLPC Phoenix this year, we were honoured to receive two Wi-Fi Awards for Product of the Year: Hamina Onsite, and Company Leadership of the Year. Both of these awards are a strong indication that the team at Hamina are on the right path to delivering some truly innovative products in an industry disruptive fashion. 





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