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Webinar Recording - The Anatomy of a Site Survey

If you missed our webinar, don’t worry - the recording is available here: 

Our Hosts: Jussi Kiviniemi and Joel Crane


Recap - We now have a survey app, which we aptly called Hamina Onsite, plus we partnered with RF test equipment experts Oscium to build the Nomad, a hardware survey/ measurement device. We blogged about it in detail here but here’s a quick hardware summary:


  • Four (4) high-performance Wi-Fi 6E radios 
  • Powerful battery provides 4+ hours of continuous surveying and fast charging 
  • Eight (8) custom antennas provide precise Wi-Fi measurements that represent real-world Wi-Fi clients
  • Spectrum analysis with (optional) Oscium WiPry Clarity


If you’ve seen enough & want to order Hamina Onsite + Nomad hardware, you can do so here.




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